Being selfish is okay!

Hi again! What’s new?

We’ve had another lovely week in the Maughan household, despite Storm Doris’ best efforts yesterday. I hope all of you are safe and not too windswept…

I’ve been thinking about writing this sort of post for a couple of months, but the last two weeks I’ve realised I probably should just get on and write it. If you want the short version, here it is:

I left my corporate job because it wasn’t right for me. That doesn’t mean it’s right or wrong for anyone else. I’m not judging anyone for their choices, and I would hope that I’m not being judged for mine.

If you’re in for the long haul, here’s the long version:

Soon after I decided to leave my full time job, someone I know labelled me an anti-feminist. They had assumed that I was going to sit around being Holly Homemaker and hanging on my husband’s every word.

Sorry to disappoint, but the dishes aren’t done, the washing isn’t done, and we’re having beans on toast for tea. And Lee is perfectly accustomed to back chat and withering looks.

It’s not all Instagrammable.

Defensiveness out of the way, let’s talk about how ludicrous that “anti-feminist” label is.

Feminism is about equal rights, yes? But the right to what?

The right to choose.

The right to vote is a right to choose elected officials. The right to work is the right to choose a career that you want. The right to abortion is a right to choose what happens to your body. Yes?

So how am I an anti-feminist for taking a career that I’ve chosen?

These days we have so many things going on around us that it’s very, very easy to relax into a job and then wake up ten years later having progressed and progressed only to be at the top of your game in something that brings nothing (bar income, and income is nice…) to your life.

Personally, I knew that the path I was on was not going to satisfy all the things I wanted out of life, because I’m a creative person and I had none of that on my route. So I searched out something that would give me satisfaction.

Being selfish is okay!

BUT, not everyone feels that way, and that’s totally and completely fine with me.

While there’s definitely an upsurge in the number of people in their 20s giving up the corporate way of life and going in search of a career and a life more suited to them, there are also droves of people that thrive in the corporate world. If you’re one of them, that’s fab! The world will always need lawyers and accountants and all kinds of professionals!

If you’re cool with that, then I’m cool with it for you.

In these posts I’m writing about how my life has changed, and is changing, for the better. All I want to do, is show that there is another way of life out there, and it doesn’t hurt anyone to be a little more intentional about their daily choices. 🙂

Right, well, this managed to be a pretty serious blog post. Sorry about that! Let’s lighten the mood with some exciting news…



I’m a super proud showbiz-mom.

Despite a couple of days poorly sick in bed, I cheffed up a storm making tuna steak for dinner last night, started 30 days of Yoga with Adriene (totally free because it’s on YouTube. Just sayin’), drank a Simple Green Smoothie every day, grew some baby daffodils, and knitted myself a fab slouchy cardigan!

Who say’s I’m not living life to the full?

Have a lovely weekend everyone!

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