2017: A Year In Review

What? It’s January already? Well where did 2017 go?

I guess I spent lots of it drinking coffee or binge-watching The Crown and 13 Reasons Why on Netflix…

But, you know how people always say, “time flies when you’re having fun”? Turns out, they’re not wrong. It’s been a year of new friends and new experiences, saying goodbye to the things that don’t make me happy and hello to the world outside my comfort zone.

I started the year with two brand new businesses and no idea where I wanted go with either of them. 12 months on, I still have no idea what I’m doing, but I at least know what I’m not doing,  and that’s half of the battle really, isn’t it?

At some point over the summer I started writing a ’30 before 30′ list, but as I turned 26 in August I’ve had to make allowances for the short amount of time left!

Oh god. Short amount of time. Before 30. I’m nearly 30. DO NOT PANIC ANNA. 

There were a few things I wrote down that I did this year – go to Wimbledon, for one – but I feel like that’s fine. And if it’s not, TO HELL WITH YOUR RULES!

Wimbledon Coffee

Oh look, more coffee!

In 2017 I aimed to post a photo on Instagram everyday. I didn’t quite manage it… Some days I’m just too darn hungry to take a photo of my lunch before I eat it… But I’m going to go for it again in 2018. I know you guys love your little daily updates!

I may not have hit the 365 photo target, but I am seriously so glad I made an attempt at it. I’ve now got a really pretty record of all the things that Lee and I got up to this year.

How often have you got to New Years Eve and thought to yourself something along the lines of, “Man, I have achieved / travelled / done absolutely nothing this year!”

We’ve all been there.

But I bet you haven’t actually wasted a whole year. Take a little look back over your social media and have a moment to remember all the fun things you did!

Did you go to a wedding? Go on a trip? Have brunch with a friend and laugh until your face hurt? Wash your car only for it to rain and force you to wash it again? There – that’s an achievement – you washed your car twice in a week!

Passports and Fizz

Here’s a little round up of 2017 for the Maughans…


  1. Knitted lots of mini hats for the Innocent Big Knit.
  2. Feasted on a plant based diet for a month as part of Veganuary.
  3. Chose a puppy!


  1. Brought the puppy home!
  2. Embraced the world of Slow Living.
  3. Took up Yoga.


  1. Had a long, leisurely (boozy) lunch at Midsummer House to celebrate 6 months of wedded bliss.
  2. Went on my first ski trip, and didn’t fall out!
  3. Launched my collection of felt key rings.


  1. Took our laptops to a very rainy Mallorca for a working (for me) and cycling (for Lee) holiday.
  2. Went to London for a reunion with my TrekAmerica friends!
  3. Attended a wedding where live goldfish in bowls were the centerpieces, and were nominated as a take-home prize to one couple per table!


  1. Had an overnight trip to Edinburgh.
  2. Cycled all the way up the Guided Busway to St Ives for cake, and then cycled all the way back.
  3. Took the Tandem out for it’s first ride…. to the pub of course!


  1. Met an amazing and inspiring group of women through #YesWeCamb
  2. Watched the Cambridge Bumps sitting on the river bank on a picnic blanket!
  3. Booked our honeymoon!


  1. Got up before dawn to get to London and queue for Wimbledon tickets!
  2. Surprised Lee with an overnight trip to Paris.
  3. Went walking in the Lincolnshire Wolds with friends.


  1. Watched three performances during the Cambridge Shakespeare Festival.
  2. Lee planned a surprise overnight trip to Bath for my birthday!
  3. Had a week camping in Norfolk and survived monsoon season…


  1. Took our honeymoon trip to the Maldives for our first anniversary!
  2. Met up with the creative community in Cambridge for a photowalk around the city.
  3. I looked after the Puppy on my own for a whole day!


  1. Had my first Crosstown Doughnut!
  2. Hosted a stall at my very first Craft Fair!
  3. Went pumpkin picking and didn’t get food poisoning from eating risotto with gourds.


  1. Went to three consecutive firework displays – Fen Ditton, Midsummer Common, and the Wilson Farm!
  2. Survived the Pole Fusion charity show!
  3. Took part in Ely Festive 5K raising money for Arthur Rank Hospice Charity.


  1. Ate lots.
  2. Drank lots.
  3. Laughed lots.


Happy New Year to you all. x

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