Out In The Wild

“Come to this wedding with me,” she said. “It’ll be fun.” she said. “You’ll be able to work most of the time and help us out with organising things when we need you.”

She was wrong.

I found myself perched on the windowsill on Monday afternoon, craning myself around at an impossible angle, trying to get enough signal to message Lee and tell him I haven’t been kidnapped, but I have arrived safely only to discover that there is neither signal nor wifi in these dark depths of Scotland.

Cue true millennial-style break down.

I’d agreed to accompany my Mum to the wedding of her great friends Gary and Vicky, who we’ve known for years through the sailing club. Gary’s got some Scottish heritage – they have a tartan and everything! – hence the location, so having arrived back from skiing on Saturday, I washed almost every piece of clothing I own in 36 hours, and whizzed off up to Gretna where Mum, Gary and Vicky met me off the train.

Gretna Green

We all shared a little self-catering cottage in the grounds of Kinmount Castle and, oh boy, they were some grounds! With no internet access to occupy us, I found myself in search of offline entertainment, which presented itself in the form of actually going outdoors.

I know. Crazy, right?

Ma and I took a good long walk around the lake, catching up and testing out the settings on my new camera.

I suppose you could argue that popping a camera lens in between me and the view meant that I was disconnected from it and therefore not enjoying it or appreciating it enough… But I’d have to disagree with you strongly on that.

Taking in my surroundings, not just with my eyes, but with a camera lens too, meant that I appreciated little details that made it all the more beautiful.



We played games together in the evenings, shared stories and reminisced about sailing seasons gone by. We drove each other crazy, had many (very) early nights, and ate every meal at the kitchen table together.

It all sounds pretty rosy, doesn’t it? It sounds like I’m going to turn around and preach about the benefits of going tech-free, doesn’t it?

Well fear not. I am not that girl.

This girl loves her tech. This girl went into town and sought out a Starbucks soya cappuccino for a hit of caffeine and a dose of free WiFi while kilt shopping for the Groom!

Starbies Selfie

I am, in fact, so far from being that girl that after a week in the wilds my friends were sending messages to my husband asking if I was OK!

Alright, it was just the one friend and only one message, but my point still stands, no matter how long it would take you lot to figure out if I’d gone missing.

Now, I’m all for the odd blackout night, and when we’re on holiday Lee and I will both turn off email notifications and move the app from its usual place on our home screens so as to ‘break the twitch’ – BUT – I think you’ve gotta know what you’re signing up for!

Being thrown into the depths of internet deprivation with no warning was just about enough to make me come home again, but, had I known what was about to happen, I would’ve prepared myself properly in advance.

Yes, okay, I would’ve downloaded more than one episode of the Kardashians, but maybe that doesn’t count as proper preparation to you…

Maybe you’re finding all this super melodramatic but honestly, so am I.

Looking back on last week (from the comfort of the sofa, with Netflix on in the background, and scrolling freely through Instagram) it was nice to have a little time away from my phone.

But I won’t be doing it again very soon.

Or for anywhere near as long as six whole days!


ps. Thanks to my wonderful Mumma for being such an obliging model!

2 thoughts on “Out In The Wild”

  1. But .. it was a lovely wedding!

    Thank you so much for joining us.

    And no … We hadn’t signed up for going cold turkey on the phone signal or WiFi either … But it was rather wonderful 😊

    Lovely blog btw. I regularly time in 👍


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